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Founded in Germany in 1970, Kono is a leading supplier of chip and cooling lubrication in the field of metal processing.

Product details

The main products are high-pressure pump, centrifugal pump, conveyor, filter, filter element, separator, controller, cooling system. With superior quality, Kono products are widely used in chemical and food fields. ISB series convenient maintenance single-stage centrifugal pump (vertical) is a new generation of vertical centrifugal pump developed by Knoll company in Germany. Its remarkable advantage is that when the mechanical seal leaks or is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, the motor does not need to be disassembled, only the coupling parts of the clamping shell need to be disassembled, and then it can move forward. Save time, labor and improve efficiency. Knoll products mainly include: ts40 series, tsk40 series, kts20 series, kts25 series, kts32 series, kts40 series, kts50 series, kts60 series, ktsv series.

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