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BURKERT, established nearly 70 years ago, is a global multinational enterprise for R & D and manufacturing of products and systems in the field of fluid control, and also a global leader in this field.

Product details

Burkert products are widely used in the fields of analytical instruments, automobile manufacturing, biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, energy, genetic engineering, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage, beer industry, mechanical engineering, medical treatment, medicine and health, textile, packaging, water (sewage) treatment, satellite, space experiment, nuclear reactor, deep sea exploration, etc. As a leading technology company, Burkert's "epoxy resin encapsulated coil" and "cable connection plug" have become international ISO quality standards. Burkert's "pilot armature electromagnetic system", "rocker solenoid valve" and "pulse coil" are all at the advanced level in the world. Burkert products are roughly divided into six categories: "general solenoid valve system", "process control valve system", "pneumatic control valve system", "liquid analysis valve system", "sensor / transmitter" and "controller". Many products meet the health standard.

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