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MKD AC motors
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In connection with the digital intelligent drive controllers by Rexroth, the digital MKD AC motors offer cost-effective automation systems with an extensive functionality for the following fields of application:

Machine tools

Printing and paper industries

Handling and automation

Packaging machines and food

Food industry (selected motor types style “non-painted”).

MKD motors are characterized by the following advantages:

High operational reliability

Maintenance-free operation (owing to the brushless design and use of bearings grease-lubricated for their entire service life)

Use under adverse environmental conditions is possible (owing to the completely closed motor design in IP 65 degree of protection

Overload protection (owing to motor temperature monitoring)

High performance data

High dynamics (owing to the favorable ratio of torque to inertia mass)

High overload capability (owing to the favorable heat dissipation from the stator windings to the outside wall of the motor housing) 

 Peak torque utilizable across a wide speed range (owing to electronic commutation)

Continuous start-stop operation possible with high repeat frequencies (owing to electrical commutation)

Easy attachment to the machine (owing to flange according to DIN 42948)

Any installation position desired

Direct overhung mounting of pinions and belt pulleys (owing to the bearing being designed for high radial loads)

Easy cabling (owing to cable sets, available in various designs)

Simple and quick startup (owing to data memory in the motor encoder)

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