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MSM motors
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The maintenance-free MSM motors are available in five different frame sizes up to a mechanical continuous power of 750 watt. High power density at a short frame length and a minimized flange dimension make use in most dif‐ ferent applications possible. The motors with protection class IP54 are fitted with an absolute encoder and are available with or without holding brake. MSM motors with winding code "0xxx" are provided for operation on IndraDrive Cs controllers with nominal votage 3x AC 230 V. MSM motors with winding code "Rxxx" are provided for operation on NYCe4000 controllers with nominal voltage 3x AC 100 V. Any operation on supply network with a higher nominal voltage is forbidden. MSM motors are featured by

● Dynamic

● Compact construction

● Protection class IP54

● Precision due to optical Single- and Multiturn absolute value encoders

● Holding brake

● Plug connector for encoder and power connection




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