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MAD series motor
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The Rexroth IndraDyn A motor generation consists of asynchronous box mo‐ tors with squirrel-cage rotor and it is available as :

MAD series with surface cooling by permanently connected fan units.

MAF series with liquid cooling.

With their high continuous ratings and compact dimensions, IndraDyn A mo‐ tors can be used as main and servo drives for all rotary driving tasks. The optimized design with safety class IP65 for motor and fan allows for op‐ eration under adverse conditions. Due to their easy-to-service structure, the motors require less maintenance and allow maintenance work to be carried out during ongoing operation. What is more, EX-type IndraDyn A motors can be used in potentially explo‐ sive atmospheres under certain conditions. When combined with the controllers from the Rexroth IndraDrive product line, these motors offer intelligent drive solutions with high power density and open functionality.




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